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Darren Miller is the CEO of Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) - whose purpose it is to support the transition to net zero emissions by accelerating the pace of pre-commercial innovation. 

Darren is deeply committed to net zero and improving our chances on planet earth. He believes we have all the technologies we need between now and 2030 - from solar, wind, lithium batteries, electric vehicles, rooftop solar, and household energy management - and if we can deploy these things at scale quickly in the economy, we’ll overshoot what we need to do by 2030 in order to reach net zero.   

ARENA does this by utilising federal funding to invest and support renewable energy startups and projects for the Australian economy. ARENA and Innovation Bay have teamed up for the third year running for the ARENA Renewable Energy Founder Forum on 28 July. The event showcases Australia's most exciting early stage renewable technology startups and pairs them with Australia's leading venture capitalists and angel investors - to supercharge their growth through funding, connections, and advice. 

Founders in the renewable space are encouraged to pitch to apply (closing 31 May). Applicants will be considered from a broad scope including technology, software digitisation, and consumer behaviour - essentially anyone working on the transition. He states that trillions of dollars needs to be invested in this space and that we need the best people working on the problem. If this sounds like you, jump on and apply to pitch here  

Mini Quickfire Round 

  • Book: The Ministry for the Future, Kim Stanley Robinson 

  • Podcast: Rewired (ARENA podcast) 

  • App: Snap Send Solve 

  • Founder: Michael Liebreich

  • TV Show: Insiders  

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